Need an aqueduct or sewer repaired?

Excavation Chanthier’s operators provide you with their expertise

Aqueduct and sewer repair in the Greater Montreal area

Aqueduct and sewer repairs are very important services in the Greater Montreal area.

With wear and tear and the harsh climate, the piping in any building ends up being less efficient and can cause a lot of trouble for its inhabitants. Owners have to watch out for the first signs of problems and call in professionals. A proper diagnosis of the pipe system’s condition followed by an appropriate intervention can prevent much greater problems, such as water damage and flooding.

Do you need your sewers repaired? Do you live in Longueuil, Greater Montreal, the North Shore of Montreal, Laval, Repentigny or Lanaudière? Call Excavation Chanthier.

A fast and efficient aqueduct and sewer connection service

At Excavation Chantier, we are experts in repairing defective pipe systems. Once the problem is detected, our team uses the appropriate method to repair or change the affected part.

These interventions must be done very carefully, as they are usually performed in a location that is not easily accessible and close to other gas lines or drinking water systems. At Excavation Chanthier, we have the necessary expertise to carry out this repair with as little damage as possible.

Our operators are certified by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec and have the necessary equipment to replace the pipes with quick connections and generate as little service interruption as possible, whether in buildings, businesses or residential areas.

Excavation and demolition work in Montreal

Since 2010, Excavation Chanthier has been doing much more than aqueduct and sewer repairs. Our company offers a comprehensive building excavation service. We dig using specialized and modern equipment such as Case 145 or Case 235 excavators.

Whatever your project, our operators work with you based on your infrastructure’s characteristics. This is always done using the safest and most cost-efficient methods while respecting the environment.

Whether you need a commercial, multiplex or residential excavation service, we provide you with a professional and quick response in the Greater Montreal area. Contact us if you want to benefit from our excavation expertise.


How do I know when I need a sewer repair?

There are many reasons for homeowners to opt for sewer upgrades, including:

  • Strong odour: If you smell sewer odour in or around your home or building, it is a sign of cracks. A well functioning sewer must be leak-proof and allow wastewater to drain easily.
  • Mold: Mold can be a sign that the sewer pipes behind your walls are broken. If the humidity level is higher than 55%, mould will develop. Moisture will then lead to mold growth.
  • Slow drainage: Slow drainage is a sign of a blockage, which eventually leads to sewage overflow. If your toilet, bathtub or sink is draining slowly, your piping system is probably damaged.
  • Hollow in the lawn or under pavement: A cracked sewer pipe that constantly saturates the ground can cause it to burst. Your lawn may have a hollow spot above the main sewer line.
  • Foundation problems: More extreme symptoms of pipe deterioration include foundation problems such as cracks in the slab, settlements and, in some cases, drain holes.

If you notice one of these signs in or around your building, act immediately to avoid bigger problems.

Once the inside of the sewer system has been inspected by experts, they will take stock of the incidents found and the techniques needed to resolve them.

What do aqueduct and sewer repair professionals do?

Some of the most common actions to be performed include cleaning the inside of the pipes and repairing small cracks. In the first case, very powerful suction hoses can be used to remove what is inside the sewer.

Cracks should be repaired with pipes that extend to the crack then swell so that their edges stick to the pipe. After some time, they deflate, leaving an adhesive film stuck to the pipe. The crack will be sealed without any major work.

Once all these small repairs have been completed, the specialist will remove anything that is blocking the inside of the sewer. The waste will then be transported to an appropriate collection or treatment site.

If these tasks are carried out as soon as the slightest problem appears, you will avoid cumbersome work related to broken pipes and flooding.

Avoid these problems and contact us at the slightest suspicion of faulty piping.