Need to demolish concrete?

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Concrete removal and demolition in Greater Montreal

Do you have a concrete slab or balcony to demolish in the Greater Montreal area? Let the experts at Excavation Chanthier do the work for you. As an RBQ licence holder and demolition experts for more than 14 years, our company is committed to meeting the specific needs of each client with a professional concrete removal service.

Whether for a residential, commercial, industrial or institutional project, our services will meet your highest expectations. We demolish concrete in the following sectors: Longueuil, Greater Montreal, Montreal North Shore, Laval, Repentigny, Lanaudière.

A concrete demolition service handled by professionals

We offer a concrete cutting service for all types of structures: balconies, sidewalks, foundations or any part of your residential or commercial building. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced operators, we can apply various breaking techniques depending on the scope of your project. No type of concrete can withstand our tools. With our 53-foot-long tractor-trailer, we transport and dispose of the excavated concrete ourselves.

Our team will assist you through all the stages of our operations. Our priority is to guarantee a clean and safely executed work.

« Professionals assisting you in all situations »

A team at your service for your demolition projects

Since 2011, our company has been striving to provide you with the best concrete removal and demolition service available. We can also handle a number of projects, including inground pool demolition, garage demolition, and total residential and commercial building demolition.

Whatever your need, we use our skills and know-how to execute your work. We are committed to your satisfaction, which is why we prepare a fair and detailed quote that is tailored to your budget.

« Effective services in full respect of your budget »

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Why go for concrete demolition?

Whether conventional, self-compacting or reinforced, concrete is recognized for its extreme durability. After a few years, concrete can wear out and alter the entire structure.

In some cases, concrete cannot be repaired and demolition is recommended, but its composition makes demolition more complex than other construction materials.

Calling professionals can help you simply explain your situation to get an informed point of view. Should you go for concrete removal or non-destructive renovation? Sometimes only specialists can answer this question.

Why use professionals to demolish concrete?

Concrete is produced by mixing aggregates and binders, making it a very robust material that is particularly difficult to demolish. Concrete removal therefore requires a great deal of expertise and the appropriate tools. Moreover, safety is also essential and it takes more than a hammer or jackhammer to get started. Professionals like Excavation Chanthier are equipped with many other tools to avoid accidents.

Instead of jumping into projects that are more complicated than they first appear, let us take charge of your work. Whether you would like to benefit from our services or get advice, simply contact our team.