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Commercial Excavation in the Greater Montreal area

Commercial and industrial work involves difficult planning and a lot of effort. From the initial architectural design to the final visit, there is a lot to be done.

At Excavation Chanthier, we can help you with your commercial excavation work so you can focus on all other aspects. Our team offers a comprehensive service: we meticulously plan the work, excavate and transport the debris for disposal using environmentally friendly methods.

Do you have an excavation project in the Greater Montreal area? We provide custom services in Longueuil, the North Shore of Montreal, Laval, Repentigny and Lanaudière.

Professional commercial excavation services

Carrying out a commercial excavation for a large building or facility with specific needs can be a delicate task. For example, making sure the building is properly drained or ensuring access to utilities requires advanced planning and a competent team that understands all of your project requirements.

We can build or level roads, dig ditches for water or gas lines, operate trenchers that install flexible pipes, create access to a basement and much more depending on your needs.

Contact our specialists to carry out a commercial excavation project. We will be able to meet your expectations and offer a professional, customized solution.

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Founded in 2011, Excavation Chanthier has become one of the most reputable excavation and demolition companies in Quebec. We have gained the trust of many customers through the personalized service we continue to offer.

Our wide variety of machines allows us to undertake small jobs, such as concrete demolition or pool demolition, as well as larger projects such as residential and commercial building demolition.

Our team is certified by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec and will gladly assess your needs and deliver impeccable work.

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Why is excavation crucial in construction projects?

Excavation is a step carried out during any type of building construction, as well as for various projects such as road or dam construction.

The objective of this process is to reach and prepare the foundations for the rest of the project.

Each site has specific characteristics that must be taken into account before construction begins. Each excavation procedure is unique and requires a specialized and well-equipped crew to achieve the best possible result.

It is crucial to choose a contractor with extensive experience in commercial excavation.

Why outsource your commercial excavation work to professionals?

Preparing a site for construction goes beyond simply clearing land. The site’s soil needs to be made “functional”, i.e. strong enough to withstand a building’s force. This is why this type of work requires a group of experienced operators who master various fields (engineering, geology, etc.). Excavation professionals are responsible for the reliability of their work and the consequences on the surrounding areas.

At Excavation Chanthier, we count on a qualified team that specializes in excavation and is certified by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec. Our fleet size gives us genuine adaptability. Contact our team to discuss your commercial projects, we will be able to provide the expertise you need.