Need to demolish a building after a disaster?

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Post-disaster demolition in Greater Montreal

The climate in Quebec is no picnic. Between heavy rains, floods and snow that can weaken the structure or fire that can prove fatal to wooden frames, buildings are put to the test.

When a disaster occurs, building demolition must be carried out following specific steps. Excavation Chanthier’s experience is unmatched. We know how to intervene quickly and efficiently.

Our company holds the RBQ licence, a guarantee of quality, and can provide services in the following sectors: Longueuil, Greater Montreal, the North Shore of Montreal, Laval, Repentigny, Lanaudière.

A made-to-measure post-disaster demolition service

Safety is the number one priority when demolishing buildings hit by a disaster. Asbestos, gas pipes, electrical wires and power lines are all potential risks to be considered during an intervention and we make sure that all these elements are covered before work begins.

We provide a fast and efficient intervention, especially if you want to rebuild after the disaster. Our team has the skills to plan each step carefully so that the work can be carried out quickly without wasting time. Thanks to our years of experience, we know how to minimize the chance of problems arising and becoming constraints during building demolition.

The consequences of the disaster are already hard enough on you. Make sure that the building is perfectly demolished by qualified demolition experts!

“A fast and professional post-disaster demolition service, whatever your needs”.

A turnkey demolition service

Whatever the circumstances, we guarantee the proper demolition of the building. Our team starts with a precise inspection of the building to determine the best method of demolition. After choosing the right equipment, we execute the work. Finally, we collect the debris, while ensuring everyone’s safety and compliance with environmental standards.

Even if you aren’t a victim of the weather, you may need to have a building demolished. You’re in luck, our team offers its building demolition service alongside smaller jobs such as house demolition or garage demolition. Do you have a similar project? We can help you with it!

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Why demolish after a disaster?

There are good reasons to demolish a building, especially after severe weather.

    • Weakening of the foundations: after a storm or flood, bad signs may appear and leave you no choice… When the foundations have deteriorated to the point where they no longer support the house properly, the building may have to be destroyed for safety reasons.
    • The building contains hazardous materials: old buildings may contain hazardous materials, such as asbestos. If they were not a problem before the disaster, a flood or fire could change things and become a danger.
    • Non-compliance with government building codes or zoning laws: damage from a disaster can cause the building to no longer meet standards. This forces owners to carry out costly renovations. Sometimes it is better to demolish the house to build a new one that meets the regulations.
    • Planning to sell a vacant lot: if a building is no longer in good condition, the decision to demolish it before selling the property can be a wise choice. A vacant lot is more easily marketable than a lot with a building in poor condition.

If you are considering demolition, you should never undertake the project without consulting specialists.

Why hire demolition professionals in the Greater Montreal area?

Safe, appropriate and timely debris management is an essential but often overlooked element of a post-disaster response that only a demolition company can provide.

Proper management of disaster debris is important to protect people’s health and reduce the risk of injury, comply with regulations and minimize environmental impact.

All of these require advanced thinking, planning and coordination among stakeholders.

Their experience is crucial, and Excavation Chanthier’s experience is well established, as demonstrated by the many demolition projects carried out by our team.

If you would like a demolition company to intervene, you can rely on us. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and rapid intervention.