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House demolition in Greater Montreal

At Excavation Chanthier, we specialize in residential demolition. When you use our demolition services, you can rest assured that your project will be handled by professionals working according to the strictest safety standards. Our team has the proper equipment and perfect command of the most current demolition techniques. With numerous projects to our credit, we have developed a true expertise recognized throughout the industry.

We can carry out your project in the following regions: Longueuil, Greater Montreal, Montreal North Shore, Laval, Repentigny, Lanaudière.

A made-to-measure house demolition service

Founded in 2011, our company is recognized for its high level of expertise in all types of excavation and demolition. We offer a complete and personalized service for home demolition.

Examples include the demolition of burnt-out houses and old buildings as part of a reconstruction project. We also master the techniques of salting and foundation demolition. In addition, we can perform a partial demolition if you want to keep the salting.

Depending on the materials of your building or its location, we can use the best techniques of manual demolition, mechanical crushing or shoveling.

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A demolition company that takes care of your residential project

Whatever the complexity of your demolition project, Excavation will provide you with results that meet your expectations. We can effectively meet all your needs, including entire building demolition, as well as more specific work, such as concrete inground pool demolition.

We provide efficient and flawless service on every project. Using our services means hiring a team of professionals dedicated to the success of your project.

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Why demolish your house?

Here are some good reasons to consider demolishing a residence.

  • The house has structural problems: if you have noticed serious problems in the structure of your house, or if you have suffered major damage due to moisture or a disaster, reconstruction may be more appropriate than renovation.
  • Local councils and other organizations have changed standards: restrictions are changing in your neighbourhood, which may impact you. Sometimes even a renovation won’t be enough to comply with new regulations.
  • You don’t have room for an extension: if you have maxed out the limits on your lot but need to expand, you may consider demolishing your residence to make better use of the space you have. However, a partial demolition of the building may be enough. Hiring a concrete demolition service may be more appropriate in this case.
  • Your building needs renovations that cost more than a new house: rather than spending too much money on lengthy renovations, it is better to demolish and build a new house.
  • The poor condition of your property makes it difficult to sell the land: a house in poor condition devalues the land. If you are planning to sell, take the opportunity to demolish the structure and sell the vacant lot. Prospective builders will jump at the opportunity.

Demolishing your residence should be considered if you find yourself in one of the situations mentioned above. But don’t tackle your project alone! Make sure you hire a professional to avoid any incidents.

Why should residential demolition be carried out by experts?

House demolition seems relatively simple and easy, but in reality it is a complex process. Here are the 8 essential steps to effectively demolish your home:

  1. Inspect your home to see if there are any details to take into account
  2. Determine the most appropriate method of demolition.
  3. Obtain the necessary authorizations and permits
  4. Disconnect existing services, e.g. household appliances.
  5. Ensure that the operation is safe for others
  6. Ensure that furniture is salvaged, i.e. that it is kept, given away or sold.
  7. Demolish the house
  8. Clean up all debris

As you can see, preparing for the demolition is crucial to get things done properly. The method chosen by an experienced team is critical and having the right machinery on hand will ensure that the most appropriate equipment is used. Finally, permits are required and professionals will be able to help you obtain them.

For all these reasons, home demolition must be carried out by specialists.