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Why rent heavy equipment from Location Chanthier?

Our mission is to completely satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers, offering them the highest quality Case machines, one of the best brands in the excavator market.

Our vision is to be the leading heavy equipment rental company in the Greater Montreal area, recognized for the quality of our machines and the efficiency of our service.

Our expertise: We are recognized in the province for our extensive experience and the residential and commercial projects we have worked on throughout Greater Montreal. We offer machines specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers. These are the same machines used by our skilled operators to get our work done efficiently.


How to choose the right excavator for your needs

Are you interested in renting heavy equipment but don’t know how to choose which excavator to rent from Location Chanthier?

Whether you have a residential or commercial project, our highly qualified staff is prepared to answer your questions. We are pleased to provide ongoing support and guidance to anyone who contacts us.

Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us at (450) 916-1083 or fill out our contact form below if you have any questions about our heavy equipment or rental policy.


Renting vs buying heavy equipment

When you rent an excavator rather than buy one, you don’t have to make a major investment. A person can therefore carry out the work they need done with professional equipment without having to invest several thousand dollars.

Finally, at the end of the project, you can return the machine without having to worry about anything. You don’t have to think about a heavy machine taking up space at your premises. We deliver the equipment to you and pick it up at the end of your project.

If you have an important project but don’t have the time or skills to tackle it, you can also visit our building demolition and excavation services pages and contact us.