What factors influence the cost of excavation for foundations?

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Foundation excavation is required for a variety of construction, renovation or rehabilitation projects. But just how much does this work cost? Well, it depends!

Excavation companies take many factors into account when calculating the amount you will pay for this type of work. Here are the 7 main factors that influence the cost of excavating foundations.

1 – Type of project

Several types of projects may require excavation for foundations:

  • Building a new house with a concrete foundation
  • Construction of a commercial building with a concrete foundation
  • Installation of foundation piles
  • Repairing or waterproofing foundations
  • Repairing or installing a French drain

Different types of projects require different processes, equipment and deadlines. All these elements are taken into account when an excavation company in Montréal or elsewhere in Quebec prepares a quote for residential excavation or commercial excavation services.

2 – Excavation equipment required for the project

The equipment needed to complete your foundation excavation project also has an impact on its cost.

For example, a project that requires the use of excavation equipment also means that the expenses associated with fuel and transportation will have to be considered. In general, the larger or more specialized equipment is required, the higher the amount of the quote.

For your information, if the contractor uses a 160-gauge excavator, the hourly rate for this machine should be around $120/hour. Add to this a prime rate of $200 to cover transportation costs.

3 – Labour required for the project

A company hired to do foundation excavation work will undoubtedly have to pay its employees for the work they do.

It makes sense that the more workers required for a contract, the greater the amount to be spent on labour for the contractor. The contribution of certain specialists (surveyors or complex machine operators, for example) can also have an impact on the cost of a foundation excavation.

4 – Type of soil to be excavated

There are many different types of soil. If the soil to be excavated has special characteristics that complicate the excavation process, the price to be paid for the work will be higher.

Soft soil is easier to dig, while hard, stony soil will make things more complex. In some cases, the excavation company may also have to do post-disaster demolition and destroy an existing concrete slab or solid structure.

5 – Dimensions of the area to be excavated

The cost of excavation for foundations can also vary in relation to the size and depth of the hole to be dug. When preparing a quote, the contractor will also take into account the price related to the disposal of the excavated material.

6 – The season during which the excavation work is carried out

Seasonal differences also have an impact on the cost of foundation excavation projects. In Quebec, most people plan their excavation work between late spring and early fall.

You may be able to take advantage of a lower rate if you plan the excavation in early spring or late fall, when contractors have more time. However, you should be aware that this is still a risk, as temperatures that are too cold could affect the work.

7 – Location of the construction site

Is the area to be excavated located in a remote or difficult to access area? If this is the case, the logistical challenge may result in additional costs for the excavation contractor, who will have to transport his machinery to the job site.

Excavation Chanthier is here to carry out your foundation excavation work

As you can see, many factors can have an impact on the cost of foundation excavation work.

To get a better idea of the amount you will have to pay, the best way to get a quote is generally to ask an RBQ-licenced excavation company.

That being said, at Excavation Chanthier, when you contact us for a quote, we take the time to fully understand your project and accurately inspect the site in order to provide you with a precise estimate that will spare you unpleasant surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.

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