Stone House Demolition: Process and Price

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Stone houses are known for their sturdiness and are quite common throughout Quebec. Field stones were one of the only materials available to the province’s earliest inhabitants. Some of these structures even date back hundreds of years!

That said, some stone buildings are no longer suited to modern life. Others are in poor, unsafe condition. In these cases, your best option might be to demolish the stone house and then rebuild it, so you’re not limited by the house’s original design.

Are you thinking of demolishing a stone house? In this article, our home demolition experts will walk you through everything you need to know about how to plan and carry out the demolition.

Is the demolition feasible?

The first step in demolishing a building is to verify that the project is actually feasible. You may encounter many obstacles along the road to demolition. That’s why it’s important to research and double-check everything ahead of time. Once you’re sure of what your project entails, you can move forward.

For example, if the stone house you want to demolish has a party wall, you’ll need your neighbours’ consent. If the building is a condo, the owners must approve the project.

You’ll also need approval from the municipal government. You can begin your demolition project once you have a valid demolition permit.

When assessing whether your project is feasible, you should also consider safety measures. Demolishing a stone house poses some risks.

How will you restrict access to the site and secure it? Nearby public infrastructures (sewers, electrical wires, gas lines, etc.) should also be protected.

What influences the cost of demolishing a stone house?

Unless you have unlimited funds, you’ll probably want to know how much demolition will cost. There are several different factors that affect the cost of demolishing a stone house. The main ones are:

The building’s size and design

As a general rule, the larger the stone building, the more expensive it is to demolish. However, what’s beneath the stones can also affect the price.

When providing a quote, contractors will take into account architectural details like the building structure, wall thickness or the presence of a basement. The demolition method may require additional equipment and manpower. This is why costs vary so much in Quebec, you can expect the project to cost between $4,000 and $25,000.

Permits and site prep

In Quebec, the cost of applying for a demolition permit varies from one municipality to another but is generally between $50 and $200. Be aware that you may be required to pay more for the permit if you plan to completely demolish the building’s foundation.

Preparing the site for demolition also involves various costs. For example, the price of disconnecting public electricity, sewer, gas and other utilities. You will also need to think about how to secure the demolition site, especially in urban areas.

Asbestos removal

It’s not uncommon to find asbestos in old houses. Unfortunately, if asbestos is detected in the house you want to demolish, you will probably have to pay extra to have the hazardous material safely removed.

All contaminated materials must be removed according to strict protocol and then placed in sealed containers so that the asbestos fibres don’t become airborne during demolition.

Location of the demolition site

Where the house is located will also affect the demolition cost. If the contractors have to lug equipment across long distances, they’ll typically charge more.

If the demolition site is in a dense urban area, the job may require more compact equipment and extra caution, which can increase costs.

Debris removal

Demolishing a stone house produces a lot of debris. If you can dispose of this debris yourself, even better! You’ll save money.

But in most cases, the demolition contractor will ensure that the debris is properly disposed of and will charge a fee to do so. Make sure to budget for waste removal.

How to choose a demolition contractor

The success of your project depends on hiring a qualified contractor. After all, the contractor is who oversees the work and ensures that the final result meets your expectations. When choosing your contractor, keep the in mind the contractor’s:

Expertise and certifications

Your demolition contractor should have all the necessary licenses and accreditations. After all, you want them to be in full compliance with the local laws and regulations! For example, they should have a license from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ).

Try to choose a company that has already done similar demolition jobs. Ask former clients or take a look at the work of several demolition companies.

Specialized equipment

Choose a demolition company that has specialized and well-maintained equipment. You’re much more likely to be satisfied with the work if your contractor is using high-quality, efficient tools.

It’s also possible to rent heavy equipment, but it’s better to choose a company that’s fully equipped rather than one that has to hunt for the necessary equipment.

Other services

Depending on what you want to do with your land after demolition, consider choosing a contractor that also offers additional services.

Do you want to build a new house on the same site as the one you’re having razed? Opt for a company that also offers excavation services. They can properly prepare the site for the rest of the project. Working with a single company makes it easier to coordinate the different project stages and reduces the number of people involved.

For stone house demolition, contact Excavation Chanthier

In short: there are many different things to keep in mind when planning a successful stone house demolition. That’s why it’s so important to enlist professionals to help you with this project.

Our knowledge and expertise are known throughout the Montreal region. Do you have a demolition project in mind? Contact our team of experts today!

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